Laufen Manifesto

The Laufen Manifesto for a Humane Design Culture brings worldwide actors of socially engaged architecture together. NOW WE NEED YOU to dissaminate it like hell…. and change the world!

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Anna Heringer, Andres Lepik, Hubert Klumpner, Peter Rich, Architect, Line Ramstad, Peter Cachola Schmal, Andres Bäppler, Emilio Caravatti, Dietmar Steiner, Christian Werthmann, Martin Rauch, Dominique Gauzin-Müller, Helena Sandman, Enrico Vianello, Rahul Mehrotra, Alejandro Restreppo, Susanne Hofmann, Anh-Linh Ngo, Louis Fernandez Galliano, Alejandro Encheverri