The Baupiloten will be presenting as part of the architectural event a_ta 2014 in Romania on Saturday 22nd November. This year’s theme – prezent! – investigates different views on our profession and scrutinizes it from four different perspectives; Education, Start, Profession and The Street.

Participation, Process and Space

The Baupiloten employs alternative methods for engaging and enabling users, communities, planners and stakeholders to shape the built environment. Kirstie Smeaton will be discussing the design of participatory processes and space in the context of the recently completed Learning-Landscape” in the Heinrich Nordhoff High School and their more recent project “Living and Residing as Seniors in Rural Areas” – a vision for a multigenerational, and neighborly co-housing project in Dötlingen.

Lecture: die Baupiloten
Saturday 22nd November 2014, 5pm
Timis County Council extension, blv. Revolutiei din 1989, no. 17, Timișoara, Romania

For more information, visit the event website http://anualadearhitectura.ro/en/p-03-conferences/