Childrens Workshop for the Children’s City at the Municipal-Theater Ingolstadt
Kinderwerkstatt am Stadttheater Ingolstadt

In 2016 a Children’s City will be realized in and around the Drill-Hall in Klenzenpark by the Municipal Theatre Ingolstadt. In the Children’s City, kids aged 7 to 13 can for two-weeks design, discover, and explore their city according to their own needs.

The children’s suggestions, emerged through dreams, wishes, and visions will provide the basis for all further development and realization of the Children’s City ‘Kindolstadt’.

Within this context, the Baupiloten carried out a two-week workshop on the topics of architecture and urbanism in cooperation with the theater-pedagogy at the Municipal Theatre Ingolstadt.

With the help of imaginary dream-trips and atmospheric-collages, the children aged 6 to 13 explore their own world on the quest for their own place of happiness and paradise. Through stories the qualities and activities of the discovered favorite-location is more precisely described. In the ‘World in the Shoe-Box’ the favourite-place could be built with fantastic materials, presented and further extended. The Children would then transfer the qualities and characteristics into a building-like model and further refined. Cut-out and functional models clarified atmospheric, spatial or technical relationships. Through consecutive presentations in the group, the individual ideas were strengthened, tested through their paces and applauded enthusiastically.

Together in groups, the children negotiate their city; the city of the future. To determine the spatial configuration, the kids place the models of their buildings into the context of the city-model and rearrange them in a lively discussion until all participants are satisfied. Through the process of negotiation, the borough was divided into individual neighborhoods, clustered around the city-center. Each neighbourhood is assigned various activities, functions, and specific atmospheres by the children. Also open-spaces and circulation were determined by the children.

The results were presented to much acclaim during the kick-off on 11.04.2015 in the Drill Hall. The children explained their work to all the exhibition visitors during a guided-tour through the walkable city-model.

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