Make City Festival – Book Presentation

In the course of the „Make City“-Festival Susanne Hofmann will present the book ARCHITECTURE IS PARTICIPATION Die Baupiloten – Methods and Projects on June 18th 2015.

Collective book presentation and discussion

The following recently released books will be presented and discussed on a special evening:


presented by Aristide Antonas (GR):
Archipelago of Protocols (2015, dpr Barcelona Verlag)

presented by Susanne Hofmann (GER):
ARCHITECTURE IS PARTICIPATION. Die Baupiloten — Methods and Projects (2014, Jovis Verlag)

presented by Mary Dellenbaugh (US/GER):
Urban Commons: Moving beyond State and Market (2015, Birkhäuser Verlag)

presented by Kritian Koreman (NL):
City of permanent temporality. The making of Luchtsingel, Schieblock, Test Site Rotterdam (2015, NAi Bookseller)

presented by Andreas Rumpfhuber (GER):
“Modelling Vienna, Real Fictions in Social Housing” (2014, Turia und Kant)

Carson Chan (US) Architecture journalist and curator.



Location: Tschechisches Zentrum (Czech Center) Wilhelmstraße 44 / Eingang Mohrenstraße 10117 Berlin
Date: Thursday, June 18th 2015, 5:00pm – 06:30pm

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