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Die Baupiloten – Methods and Projects!

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Die Baupiloten – Methods and Projects

What does participation mean for architecture?

What can participation do for identification with the built environment?

Does participation make construction expensive or effective, complicated or sustainable?

Does participation save time or money?

How do built spaces emerge from the desires of the users?

What does participation mean for architects’ understanding of their professional role?

In democratic societies, which consist increasingly of emancipated people, the judgment of citizens on the quality of the living environment and their involvement in its design is becoming more and more important. Not only do people want to be informed, they want to participate.

ARCHITECTURE IS PARTICIPATION examines the question of how involvement and participation in planning processes work, and demonstrates this with international, award-winning projects from the architectural office Die Baupiloten BDA and the study reform project Die Baupiloten, which has since been concluded. The book offers inspiration and guidance for designing participative planning processes and is addressed to everyone situated in a democratic planning and building culture.

Susanne Hofmann has dealt with the possibilities of participation since 2003. She initiated the study reform project Die Baupiloten and founded the architecture office Die Baupiloten BDA. She has conducted scholarly investigations of the history of participation and its functionality, and developed her own methods of participation using communication about and through spatial atmospheres with creative and playful workshops involving users, clients, stakeholders, planners, and architects.

Susanne Hofmann
with Florencia Young

Graphic design
Florencia Young

Susanne Hofmann
Dr. Anne Schmedding, Schmedding.vonMarlin. GbR

Die Baupiloten BDA:
Jana Alexandra Sommer
with Sandra Feferbaum Siemsen,
Robert Henry,
Tina Strack

Translating Into English
Susanne Hondl, Berlin
Inez Templeton, Berlin

English Editing
Inez Templeton, Berlin

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The film ARCHITECTURE IS PARTICIPATION depicts an exemplary workshop of the Baupiloten Method of Wunschforschung; thereby allowing citizens to have a say in the design of their built environment.