Developing Schools with Kids

The School Visions Game for children is available and was tested for the first time at the Judith Kerr Primary School.

In cooperation with the Hans Sauer Foundation, the Baupiloten had already developed the School Visions Game for adults, and now also a less complex variant for children. In November, the Baupiloten had the opportunity to test-play the game with the 4th grade ​​of the German-French Judith Kerr Elementary School in Berlin.

In 16 steps, the children are guided through a negotiation game to develop a school concept. Functions and their relationships are discussed and negotiated in a differentiated way.

The School Visions Game is suitable for children from the 4th grade and up. If you are interested, please contact the Baupiloten at post@baupiloten.com or 030 2244 520 0