Negotiating Game for School Development

What does our perfect school look like? The people themselves are experts for the worlds in which they live and learn. The Visions and Negotiating Game developed by dieBaupiloten can quickly explore the often complex and divergent needs of all users and interest groups, creatively negotiating and developing a common architectural vision.

The results of the game offer a deeper spatial-requirements analysis, illustrating user wishes and the functional relationships of the building. The more intensely the participants reflect on their needs, the more these can be effectively incorporated in the future design – saving time and money in the process.

The Architecture practice dieBaupiloten BDA have developed the School Vision Game “Our Perfect Learning Landscape” to offer schools an opportunity to develop their own buildings through participative processes.

The participants are guided through the game – step by step – with the assistance of action cards.

Participation with Children

The Vision and Negotiation Game can also be played by children and teenagers. For this purpose, dieBaupiloten BDA have developed a simplified version, which can be played with the assistance of an adult.

Communication via pictograms offers a low-threshold opportunity for children and adolescents to communicate complex needs.


The Visions and Negotiating Game was developed together in cooperation with the Hans Sauer Foundation.