International sovereign creativity & architecture symposium, 8. Juli, ab 9 Uhr, San Sebastián, Spanien

Herzliche Einladung zum Vortrag von Judith Prossliner über Partizipation in der akademischen Forschung mit anschließender Roundtable-Diskussion. Die Veranstaltung wird auch online live übertragen.

Society in the organization and transformation of its public spaces

When we become aware of the importance of space in our daily lives and reflect on the power that space can have, a fundamental question arises: what is the power of space design and creation? And what is space production about? […]

The first main objective of this intervention is architecture and its creation, discussion, processes, research, etc. Although it is shared with society, the temporary “workshop” will become a space of open knowledge essential for a collective process of space creation, combining this with the academic, research and practical level.

As a Summer School and meeting place, it will bring together knowledge, experience in architecture, social and political sciences, economics, activism and art, as well as experimental architecture, different lifestyles and visions of the future called “utopias”. […]

The course will have three parts:

The first will be theoretical and will take place at the Miramar Palace in Donostia-San Sebastián, with a conference and round table format. This section will provide space for internationally renowned experiences and professionals to explain their theoretical foundations and experiences. It will take place on July 8 at the Miramar Palace in San Sebastian. […]“

Symposium „International sovereign creativity & architecture symposium“, Round table „How to introduce social participation in an academic research framework“, Freitag 08.07.2022, 9-11 Uhr, Miramar Palace San Sebastián und online

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