Architectural Mediation

Our architecture studio offers various forms of Architectural Mediation for children, teens, and also adults. The aim is to raise awareness of one’s own perception of architecture, the built-environment, and the individual’s own dwelling space. The awareness of one’s own habitat is to be sharpened and the understanding of space and design promoted. In the field of Schools for example, participants are encouraged to reconsider the spatial configurations in order to find possible improvements, and to encourage the belief that we all have the possibility to actively influence and design our environments. This is not only advantageous for remodeling schools, but additionally affects their self-confidence and promotes a positive identification with the built environment at the same time.

Time Frame: individual lessons or project-weeks

Target Groups: schools; kindergartens, nurseries, and after-school care; adult education centres; clubs and associations; museums


If you are interested in pursuing Architectural Mediation led by the Baupiloten BDA, please contact us at:

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