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Studentenwohnhaus für urbane Gartenfreunde (Siegmunds Hof Haus S13)

DAM Prize for Architecture in Germany 2013 – The 22 best buildings in Germany.
Studentenwohnhaus für urbane Gartenfreunde (Siegmunds Hof Haus S13)

November 2013
Kindergarten Lichtenbergweg was one of 4 projects to receive an honourable mention in the Architectural Awards from the City of Leipzig 2013.

August 2008
Kita Taka-Tuka-Land was nominated for the Invest in Future Award.
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Architecture Award – Colour, composition, surface
The Kindergarten Taka-Tuka Land

ECOLA-Award in Architecture 2008
The Kindergarten “Tree of Dreams” has been nominated for the European “ECOLA-Award in Architecture 2008” of the European Conference of Leading Architects and the AiT magazine.

Contractworld.award 2007: Silberdrachenwelten (Silver Dragon Worlds) of Erika Mann Elementary School have been chosen for the shortlist education.

Raven of the month: Award given by the magazine “spielen und lernen” for the Silver Dragon Worlds of Erika-Mann-Grundschule as a children-friendly initiative.

The first project of the Baupiloten – Erika-Mann Elementary School – received one of the eight Socially Integrative City Awards 2004. The ‘Socially Integrative City’ programme is designed to help districts with special development needs.

The jury of the ar+d awards gave the project Refurbishment of the Erika Mann Elementary School an honourable mention. The award winners will be published in the december special issue of the Architectural Review.