Die Baupiloten-Method

For architects, the users’ knowledge regarding the use and experience of space is a fundamental insight in the architectural design process. The design method of our architectural practice includes the participation and involvement of the users and other stakeholders in the process of design and planning. In order to engage with them in a dialogue, a common ground for communication is achieved through the discussion and definition of desired atmospheres. We have developed a range of methods that can be summarized into four Method Modules:

A1 – A5            ATMOSPHERES

N1 – N5            USERS’ EVERYDAY LIFE


R1 – R8            FEEDBACK

The selection of the Method Modules is dependent on the previously determined timeframe and the available budget. The individual Method Modules can be built on-top of or complementing one-another; resulting in a wide range of participatory-opportunities.

For large participatory processes with a diverse range of stakeholders, Project Families can be established in which the relevant groups (negotiators) are represented. The individual members of the Project-Family each represent a specific interest group and take over a special responsibility within the family.

Participative Architecture
Based on the findings obtained from the participatory process, the architecture will be sequentially designed and planned. Depending on requirements, the users will also be involved in this process through the use of games of negotiation developed by die Baupiloten.


The Book ARCHITECTURE IS PARTICIPATION Die Baupiloten – Methods and Projects presents a wide range of opportunities for participatory processes – supplemented by realized projects by die Baupiloten and prepared as practical manual, open for the individual application.

The film ARCHITECTURE IS PARTICIPATION depicts an exemplary workshop of the Baupiloten Method of Wunschforschung in action. Through this process, citizens have their say when it comes to shaping their built environment.