Albert Schweitzer High School

Temporary pavilion “The View Catcher”, New build/exhibition, 2012

Building Blocks Berlin involved children and young people in the development of their dream house and the full process was observed for academic research. Together with three sixteen-year-old girls from the school—Edona, Fehime, and Sennur—an elevated platform, “The View Catcher,” was developed for the forecourt of the Albert Schweitzer School. The platform offers different four-by-four meter areas for standing, sitting, and lying: a bar for the sale of beverages, a living room for larger groups, a lounge for private conversations, and the sun deck with adjustable, mirrored screens. The modular design allowed the platform to be modified and rebuilt on Albert Schweitzer Square after the exhibition in the Nordic Embassies.

User Participation
Three individual models, which the girls built out of cardboard, made the desired functions and situations of the platform apparent. All three models presented a variety of seating possibilities. With collages, they presented the atmosphere at their dream location: Edona lies on a green hill and imagines the platform and view catcher, Fehime sits protected from the sun and enjoys her food (collage bottom left), and Sennur floats on a soft pillow, surrounded by flowers and colorful patterns. The platform is able to fulfill these different desires through its modular design.


Susanne Hofmann, Nils Ruf (Project Architect)


Marius Busch, Max Graap


Nordic Embassies

Costs/Gross floor area

2,000 EUR (material), sponsorship funds

Work stage

LPH 1–8, participation


Karl-Marx-Straße 14
12043 Berlin