I kiss Umeå

‘Communitas’ Exhibition, Bildmuseet, Umeå, Sweden
18 November 2012 – 10 February 2013

Die Baupiloten were invited by the Bildmuseet in Sweden to take part in the exhibition ‘Communitas’ which aims to inspire, excite curiosity and generate a debate about the city as our communal space.

The artists and architects participating in the exhibition are: Die Baupiloten (Germany), Jordi Colomer (Spain), Jimenez Lai (USA), Listen to the City (South Korea), (Germany, the Netherlands and the UK), m7red (Argentina), Royce Ng (Australia), PKMN (Spain) and Rakett (Norway)

We created a playful participatory map that invites visitors to identify and share the place where they like to kiss, their favourite spot for pondering, their perfect imaginary space and a third place; a space which is neither home nor work. Over the course of the exhibition an alternative map of Umeå emerges that reveals the public’s more personal and intimate connection with the city.

The installation actively shows how imaginative means of participating with different people can reveal new unpredictable possibilities and questions about the future of our cities. It demonstrates the way we work, from the bottom-up, by using people’s intimate spaces and associated stories as the catalyst for discussing locally born alternative visions of Umeå. These stories are the key to understanding one’s relationship with the city, and are the foundation for further discussing what our future dreams, desires and visions are.

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Projekt Team

Susanne Hofmann, Kirstie Smeaton, Laura Engelhardt, Larisa Mos