Initiated and organised by Prof. Barbara Pampe and Prof. Vittoria Capresi (Architecture and Urban Design Program of the German University Cairo GUC) in cooperation with Prof. Susanne Hofmann and the Baupiloten (Technical University Berlin) and Omar Nagati (Cluster Cairo) fully financed by the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the German Academic Exchange Service DAAD.

As part of a twelve-day summer school, two schoolyards in Cairo were improved with thirty-six students from Egypt and Germany. With the participation of the pupils, a multifunctional landscape was designed and built from local, low-cost materials for playing, sitting, and learning. For example, an orange balancing beam and a big yellow jumping/climbing window were built from wooden boards for the school in the inner-city district of Shubra. Two orange and pink sliding planes and a brick platform provide space to play, hide, relax, and perform. In the informal settlement of Ard El Lewa, shade trees were planted in the schoolyard for 7,000 children, and simple sitting and climbing opportunities were built from colorful wooden slats, with large concrete tubes placed between them to play on.

User Participation
The school’s pupils made collages illustrating their idea of a world in which they would like to play and study. Thus, they told stories, for example, of “inhabitable icebergs,” which allowed for things like climbing, hiding, and retreat. The students built a large model of the schoolyard, so that they could discuss the planned interventions with the pupils. Subsequently, the desired situations were built with simple construction methods and materials, which can be used by the pupils for play, privacy, or as a lookout. The schoolyard activity roused local curiosity and the role of the school as the center of neighborhood life became clear. Above all, the participation process brought the neighbors together; the architecture became a social catalyst.

Watch the film about the project here!

2 schools (El Khods in Ard El Lewa and  Shoubra)
25 students from Egypt
11 students from Germany
9 cmq of bricks
12 precompressed concrete tubes
25 trees
65 children
12 days of planning, designing, implementing
2 courtyards to be re-disigned
1 cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Education
(Prof. Barbara Pampe & Prof. Vittoria Capresi)

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Projekt Team

GUC: Architecture and Urban Design Program
< Barbara Pampe, architect and Associate Professor of Architectural Design.
< Vittoria Capresi, architect and Associate Professor of Historie of Architecture.
Barbara Pampe and Vittoria Capresi founded baladilab in 2011.
< Dina Mahdy, Teaching Assistant
< Ibrahim Samy, Teachning Assistant

TU Berlin: Die Baupiloten
< Susanne Hofmann, architect and Professor of Architectural Design at the TU Berlin; founded Die Baupiloten in 2003.
< Nils Ruf, architect Die Baupiloten.
< Urs Walter, architect WM FG Hofmann

University of Stuttgart: Institut für Landschaftsplanung und Ökologie
< Moritz Bellers, landscape architect.

Montag Foundation: “Jugend und Gesellschaft”, Bonn
< Karl-Heinz Imhäuser, pedagogue and director.
< Brigitta Frölich, pedagogue.

Studio Matthias Görlich Design, Research & Development:
< Charalampos Lazos, Graphic and communication designer.

< Omar Nagati, architect/urban planner and lecturer, Modern Sciences and Arts University, Cairo.
< Reda Ahmed, engineer and advisor of GAEB
General Authority of Educational Buildings, Cairo.

in cooperation with the Egyptian Ministry of Education

supported by Goethe Institut Cairo, Egyptian Company of Prestressed Concrete ECPC, Cairo Climate Talks


Randah El Hakim, Mounira Mahmoud Mohammed Shakfa, Jilan Abdelaziz Mohamed Hosni, Sherien Mohamed Aly, Yasmine Ahmed Aly Halawa, Mohammmad Atef Darweesh, Mostafa Alaa El-Din Zohdy, Mohamed Ossama Mohamed Hassan, Akram Mohamed Mahmoud Safwat, Youmn Faisal Abdul Maksoud, Ismail Mohamed Moneer El Karamany, Reem Khaled Attia Hamad, Hadeer Fouad Mohamed Amin, Marwah Atef Labib Garib, Omar Khaled Kassab, Ibrahim Hany Anwar, Karim Abdul Hameed El Sayed Abdul Hameed, Mostafa Aboughali, Aly Dermerdash, Marco Michel Aziz Mikhael, Sara Khaled Ibrahim Kessba, Hannaa Gad Mahmoud, Ahmed Tarek Al-Ahwal, Heba Ezzat Dewedar, Noha Hesham Abd El Meguid, Dimitra Megas, Anne Eilenberg, Carla Schwarz, Raoul Humpert, Leonie Weber, Carina Baumann, Boris Wataru Ikeda, Petra Wiesbrock, Melanie Giza, Katharina Wittke, Maria Theresa Hänichen