School Design Consulting

Our working-method in School Design consulting typically involves an initial needs assessment of the educational institution in terms of architecture and pedagogy as well as the design and implementation of a suitable participatory-process. Resiliant usage-scenarios are developed from the results of these previous stages which are then presented in a final report.

Since 2002, we develop participatory processes that avoid the need for standardized architectural drawings, which are often difficult for laymen to understand. Instead, the experienced and desired atmospheres of the users are discussed. In this way, also in school design consulting, the wishes and desires of the users, supporters, building-managers, etc. as well as the functional and educational requirements of the educational institution are identified through various workshop formats. Through games of negotiation for example, we gradually moderate the dialogue step-by-step between the various participants. From these findings, we develop the architectural requirements in conjunction with the educational concept. Depending on requirements, alternative development scenarios are generated that equally take into account the pedagogy and architecture alike.


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