Study Reform Project “die Baupiloten”

The Study Reform Project “die Baupiloten” at the TU Berlin was completed in 2014. Die Baupiloten and the Cooperation-Partner Susanne Hofmann Architects are now “die Baupiloten BDA”.

Established in 2003 die Baupiloten is an experimental educational project, set up as a collaboration between the Technical University Berlin and die Baupiloten BDA (formerly Susanne Hofmann Architects), which aims to integrate real projects into student’s architectural education.

Initiated in the context of a growing call within the German architectural profession for students to be more prepared for professional life, the aim of the studio is to combine education, practice and research. Die Baupiloten gives architecture students of the TU Berlin the opportunity to work on real projects, within tight budgetary constraints, from conception to completion under professional guidance.

An integral part of the experimental studio is the corporation with an architectural practice who assumes overall responsibility in accordance with the standard work stages (HOAI). As the University can accept no responsibility for architectural services, a legal agreement has been established between the TU Berlin and an architectural practice. All projects are contracted directly through die Baupiloten BDA, who oversee, manage and take on liability for the building project.

The conception and implementation of a design is inherently a collaborative and multi-disciplinary process. Die Baupiloten places emphasis on imaginative means of communicating and engaging with the future users of the building, in conjunction with other leading experts within the university, technical experts and craftsmen. Within the studio, die Baupiloten exploits the research opportunities to further develop its knowledge of fire safety, building cost, lighting design, detail construction etc..

The classical realisation of an architectural project is becoming increasingly rare. Die Baupiloten employs new strategies for collaboration, communication and organisational structures that enable individuals, communities, designers and specialists to respond to major challenges. Future users participate in the design of their buildings. We endeavour to forge new networks in local neighborhoods, connect resources and socially engage private companies. Die Baupiloten aspires to fulfill architecture’s social responsibilities.