Since 2002, we develop participatory processes that avoid the need for standardized architectural drawings, which are often difficult for laymen to understand. Instead, the experienced and desired atmospheres of the users are discussed. What a successful participation looks like, is presented on the basis of our own method.

A typical training usually involves lectures, advice, and explanation of exemplary formats and implementation. Theoretical as well as very pragmatic questions are illuminated. For example: how an existing neighborhood can be encouraged to actively participate in the development and designing of their own environment; how their needs and desires can be realized under narrow time frames and budgets; and how high quality yet cost-effective housing can be generated.

A qualification program for training may include multiple units, each with a particular emphasis. The priorities may for example, be: housing, education, cultural buildings, neighborhood development, “phase null” or even specific methods and forms of dialogue for the effective collection of the users’ everyday life, Wunschforschung, or feedback.

Target Group: administration, planers, architects, mediators, and cultural workers


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