Albert-Schweitzer High School, Berlin

The academically supervised exhibition project “ Building Blocks Berlin“ involved children and youths in the development of their own dream-house. A raised platform named the „Eye-Catcher“ was realized for the entry-plaza in front of the Alber-Schweizer school; a 4m x 4m structure offering diverse areas for standing, sitting, and laying.


Programme: Temporary pavillion with areas for standing, sitting, and laying-down.
Usage: Dream House
Participants: three 16 year old school-pupils
Methods: Wunschforschung: W2 Glue Your World, W4 Build Your Thing; Feedback: R2 Decelop Your World, R5 Present Designs

Time Frame: 2012
Nordic Embassies Berlin
Scope of work:
LPH 1–8, Phase 0 – User Participation
Project Lead:
Nils Ruf

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