Bornbrook High School, Hamburg

GB_DiagrammGB_DiagrammBefore the forthcoming renovation of the high school Bornbrook, workshops were conducted in which all school members were given the opportunity to participate in defining the terms of reference for the design of their future learning, working and living environments. From the individual findings, spatial zones have been worked out which combine the desired activities with spatial-associative ideas and atmospheric qualities. For example, „stimulating cooperative learning meadow“. These still abstract spatial concepts allow an openness for the concrete architectural interpretation, but at the same time they are specific with respect to the effect to be achieved.

Programme: High School (Gymnasium)
Participants:depending on method, 65 – 300 pupils with teachers
Methods: Atmospheres: A5 Inquire Atmo; Users‘ Everyday Life: N3 Observe Rituals; Wunschforschung: W2 Glue Your World, W5 Light Stories, W6 Strengths – Weaknesses, W9 Negotiate Dream Space; Feedback: R3 Test Scenarios

Time Frame: 2014
Client: Schulbau Hamburg
Scope of Work: School Design Consulting until commencment of operations, User Participation
Project Lead: Kirstie Smeaton