Carl-Bolle Elementary School, Berlin

The expanive yet innacessible corridor spaces of the Carl-Bolle Elementary School were newly rennovated based on the developed desires of the school-pupils. Together with the pupils, the Baupiloten BDA made a journey of discovery in the „Science Center Spectrum“. The resulting observations from the children formed the basis for the architectural formulation of the School’s leisure-areas, such as desired perspective-changes, light-phenomena, etc.

Programme: Leisure-Landscape
Participants: depending on method, 14 – 130 adults and children
Methods: Users‘ Everyday Life: N3 Observe Rituals, N5 Journeys of Discovery; Feedback: R2 Develop Your World, R3 Test Scenarios, R4 Build Atmo Generators

Time Frame: 10/2008
Client: Jahn, Mack & Partner
Scope of Work: LP 2 – 9, Nutzerbeteiligung
Project Lead: Constantin von der Mülbe