Carl von Ossietzky School, Berlin

New spaces with special qualities which can be used by the pupils during both pauses and during lessons, should be developed in the spacious corridors of the Carl von Ossietzky School. Through workshops which supplement the regular art-lessons, atmospheric qualities and activities of the desired locations are researched. From these findings, the pupils develop large-scale pieces of furniture for sitting, laying, and resting which will be carried out through to design-detailing. In the school’s own workshop, students can produce the first prototypes which will be presented in an exhibition and used for a trial-run.

Program: School Corridor
Usage: Gemeinschaftsschule – Comprehensive School
Age Group: School pupils: grades 9 and 10
Methods: glue your world in collages and models, your own body as measurement, performance activities in model, sketching, scale drawings and models, design presentation, 1:1 prototypes
Results: documentation, concept designs, exhibition, furniture prototypes

Time Frame: Unterrichtsbegleitend since October 2013, continuing project
Client: Carl-von-Ossietzky-School, Blücherstraße 46/47, 10961 Berlin
Scope: user participation
Project Lead: Nils Ruf