Chapel at Haus Maria Frieden, Rulle

As part of the renovation of the chapel in the house „Maria Frieden“ in Rulle, Osnabrück, workshops will be developed and carried out, in which full-time employees, teamers, youth and other interested parties are given the opportunity to actively participate in the needs-based and desired design of the chapel.

The participation process is divided into three stages, each with a different emphasis.


Using wish-postcards, a common vocabulary is developed. When filling out the wish-postcards, various desires are requested for different locations. The answers here form the initial basis for the planning-game.During the „getting to know“ phase, the place and the users can be observed over two days during different courses, leisure phases, meal-times, and during use of the chapel.


In this step, desires regarding the atmosphere and the character of the newly designed chapel should be imagined and experienced by the individual participants through playful collages and mosaics. The film „PARTIZIPATION MACHT ARCHITEKTUR“ which documents the workshop can be found here!

The film „PARTIZIPATION MACHT ARCHITEKTUR“ which documents the workshop can be found here!


In consultation with the experts of faith-communication, a planning-game is developed in which the activities, imagined atmospheres, and liturgical objects for the “furnished” Chapel room are creatively negotiated. In small groups, scenarios for the programming and spatial-zoning can be acted-out and negotiated.

The Baupiloten summarize and evaluate the workshop results, interpret them and devise from these interpretations a design concept for the reconstruction. The concept design is presented to the participants for feedback and discussion as a model in 1:20 scale.

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