Children’s City Ingolstadt 2016, Ingolstadt

Program: City with Fire Department, Hotel, Fluffy-Labyrinth, Magical Portal, Water-Fantasy, Modern-Quarter, Riddle-Quarter, Magic-Nature, Downtown with Space-Scraper
Usage: Children’s City for kids from 7 – 13 years old
Ages: children from 6-13 years old
Methods: Glue your world in collages and models. Model-building of the indicidual objects, prentation of the designs, negotiation of the City-Model, and City-Tours
Results: Models, City-Maps, Exhibition, Documentation
NF: 900 m2 plus exterior space

Time Period: Children’s Workshop 30.03. – 11.04.2015, project continues
Client: Municipal Theatre Ingolstadt (Stadttheater Ingolstadt), Schlossländle 1, 85049 Ingolstadt
Leistungen: User Participation, LPH 1-3, 5
Project-Designer: Nils Ruf