Donaukiez Quarter, Berlin
Donaukiez Quarter

For the neighbourhood game „Agents & Accomplices“ school pupils, Teachers, Neighbours and Shop-Keepers were considered as actors. They created ideas for new educationoal establishments and networks in innovative combinations as well as possibilities for neighbourly learning.

Programme: future visions for the quarter
Participants: 187 pupils, Neighbours and shop-keepers from the neighbourhood
Methods: Atmospheres: A1 Assign Atmo, A2 Explore Atmo; Users‘ Everyday Life: N3 Observe Rituals; Wunschforschung: W2 Glue Your World, W5 Light Stories, W6 Strengths – Weakness, W9 Negotiate Dream Space; Feedback: R3 Test Scenarios

Time Frame: 2011
Scope of Work: Phase 0 – User Participation, LPH 1,
Project Lead: