Erika-Mann-Elementary School I, Berlin

 In a first building-phase, the wide access and escape routes of the historically listed school from the 19th century have been converted to provide addional areas for learning and living. The Collages produced by the pupils form the point of departure for the Baupiloten, who worked out the atmosphereic qualities in collages and models, in order to discuss and refine them with the students.

Programme: Learn and Leisure Landscape
Teilnehmer: 22 pupils (grades 3-6 and students-council)
Methods: Wunschforschung: W2 Glue Your World, Feedback: R2 Develop Your World, R3 Test Scenarios, R4 Build Atmo Generators, R5 Present Designs

Time Frame: 2003 – 2005
Client: L.I.S.T GmbH, Förderverein der Erika-Mann-Grundschule
Scope of Work: LP 1 – 5, Phase 0 – School Construction Consulting and Artistic Direction
Project Lead: Susanne Hofmann