Heinrich-Nordhoff High School

With a Construction Family consisting of pupils, parents, educators, and the clients, a cooperative usage-concept and the desired spatial-qualities were determined. The desired spatial atmospheres were developed through collages, resulting in a ‚gigantic meadow‘. Thanks to the negotiating game (R7) the desired spatial-zoning could be agreed upon.

Programme: Learning Landscape, Cafeteria, Classrooms
Participants: 15 – 20 People (Construction Family consisting of pupils, parents, educators, and clients)
Methods: Wunschforschung: W2 Glue Your World, W6 Strengths – Weaknesses; Feedback: R3 Test Scenarios, R7 Enliven Architecture

Time Frame: 2011 – 2014
Client: City of Wolfsburg
Scope of Work: LPH 2 – 9, Phase 0 – School Design Consulting
Project Lead: Kirstie Smeaton

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