Helmuth James von Moltke Elementary School, Berlin

At the Helmuth-James-von-Moltke Elementary School the focus on „Integrated Language Education“ should be reinforced through the transformation of an existing classroom into a laboratory for language learning. With atmospheric collages and models, the children explore and research places of communication: What does a cozy place to talk to one-another look like? How does it feel? Where can you discuss secrets among friends?
The work of the pupils will be presented within the school community. During a feedback-round, the further-developed proposals will be introduced to the future users, tried, and discussed.

Program: Language-Learning-Lab
Usage: Elementary School
Age Group: School Pupils, Grades 3 – 6
Methods: Glue your World in collages and models, exhibition, design presentations
Results: documentation, concept design, exhibition

Time Frame: Workshops in Summer/Autumn 2014, project in continuation
Client: Helmuth-James-von-Moltke Elementary School, Heckerdamm 221, 13627 Berlin
Scope: User Participation, LPH 1-
Project Lead: Nils Ruf