I kiss Umeå, Umeå

The Baupiloten BDA were invited by the Bildmuseet in Umeå, Sweden to take part in the exhibition „Communitas“, where a playful, participatory map invited the exhibition visitors to reconsider places. Among other things, the visitors were to divulge where they like to kiss, their favourite place to brood, or their perfect imaginary space. Over the course of the exhibition, an alternative map of Umeå was produced, showing a public, personal, and intimate connection with the city.


Programme: Exhibition
Participants: 272 adults and children
Methods: Atmospheres: A5 Inquire Atmo

Time Frame: 02.2013
Client: Bildmuseet Umeå, Sweden
Scope of Work: Participatrory Exhibition and Workshop
Project Lead: Kirstie Smeaton


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