Kotti 3000, Berlin

Local residents of the troubled public urban space „Kottbusser Tor“ in Berlin’s Kreuzberg district were invited to develop visions of “my Kotti”, and thereby to play, discuss, and exchange information with one another. „Kotti 3000“ is a low-threshold interview tool that invites those who were previously not yet been activated to take part in discussions regarding the development and design of their neighbourhood. On an aerial view of Kottbusser Tor stickers were distributed with different qualities, thereby proposing desired changes or improvements. A total of 60 plans were created. The „Wish-Kottis “ can be roughly divided into four scenarios: An oasis of green, sports landscape, children’s-city, and high-rise neighborhood.


Programme: future visions for the quarter
Teilnehmer: Depending on method, 24-60 adults, teens, and children
Methods: Atmospheres: A5 Inquire Atmo; Wunschforschung: W7 Neighborhood 3000

Time Frame: 2009
Client: Quartiersmanagement Zentrum Kreuzberg
Scope of Work: User Participation
Project Lead: Marlen Kärcher, Jannes Wurps