Lichtenbergweg Kindergarten, Childrens Workshop

For the new-construction of a Kindergarten for 100 Children, the Baupiloten BDA carried out a project-week on the topic of weather-phenomenons. The resulting children’s drawings formed the inspiration for models of their desired living-environments. The workshop findings were then incorporated into the architectural design.

Programme: Kindergarten
User: 100 Children
Participants: 75 children aged 4+, with kindergarten teachers
Methods: Atmospheres: A3 Paint Atmo; Users‘ Everyday Life: N3 Observe Rituals; Wunschforschung: W1 Craft Stories; Feedback: R4 Build Atmo Generators

Time Frame: 2012
Client: City of Leipzig Building Department (Hochbauamt)
Scope of Work: LPH 1-5, Phase 0 –  User Participation and artistic direction
Project Lead: Marlen Kärcher, Susanne Vitt

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