Living and Residing as Seniors in Rural Areas

The community of Dötlingen has long concerned itself with the challenges of demographic shifts and the possibility of providing new housing for aging citizens. In a two-staged participatory process, the Baupiloten BDA have developed an architectural vision for multi-generational rural cohabitation, based on the identified needs and functional requirements of the future users.

Programme: Multi-Generational Dwelling
Nutzung: housing for 56 residents
Teilnehmer: 13 citizens, representatives from politics, administration, from companies, associations und churches
Methods: Wunschforschung: W2 Glue Your World, W6 Strengths – Weaknesses, W9 Negotiate Dream World; Feedback: R3 Test Scenarios, R7 Enliven Architecture

Time Frame: 06/2014
Client: Gemeinde Dötlingen
Scope of Work: LPH 1–2, Phase 0 – User Participation
Project Lead: Marlen Kärcher
Partner: Institut für partizipatives Gestalten (IPG)