Papenteich School, Groß Schwülper

The Haupt and Realschule in Gross Schwülper are to be combined into a single building. In order for the students to get to know one another and to formulate the first ideas for a common space, they were asked to present their favourite meeting-places. These are primarily defined by their activities, and often spaces of retreat were identified which offer a place of retreat which is undisturbed by adults. Particularly popular for example, was the bus stop which acts as a sort of stage for the kids. Most of the favourite locations were found outdoors as „indoors is usually too boring“.


Programme: School Building
Participants: 38 youths
Methods: Users‘ Everyday Life: N4 Share Favourite Location; Wunschforschung: W2 Glue Your World

Time Frame: 2008
Client: Haupt- und Realschule Groß Schwülper
Scope of Work: User-Participation and School Construction Consulting
Project Lead: Susanne Hofmann