Build the School, Wolfsburg

The Project „School Building“ (Schule baut) is part of a series of events on architecture for kids. The participating architect Christiane Kraatz, linking the results of „Glue Your World“ for a school-instalation: „The project serves to actively engage in the perception of everyday lives. I have come to the conclusion that the children posses an increadible level of competence, intuitaivley allocating the right properties to their environment. Here is ist possible for us all to learn from the project.“

Participants: 120 Pupils
Methods: Wunschforschung: W2 Glue Your World

Time Frame: 2010
Client: Stadt Wolfsburg, Architekturvermittlung, Nicole Froberg mit Monika Piehl
Scope of Work: 10 participatory workshops
Project Lead: Susanne Hofmann