Sheet Lightning Cafeteria

the Sheet Lighting Cafeteria was constructed as part of the new Master Plan for the redevelopment of the Main Building of the Technical University Berlin. To begin the project, a survey was developed with regard to the factors Service, Food/Drink/Prices, Ambiance/Design. By positioning opposing adjectives (or photographs representing opposing atmospheric situations) along a 7-digit scale ranging from -3 to +3, the desired conditions could be determined.

Programme: Cafeteria, Kitchen, Technical-Room
Usage: 94 Seats
Participants: Students of the 10th Semester
Methods: Atmospheres: A2 Explore Atmo, A5 Inquire Atmo

Time Frame: 2005 – 2008
Client: Technical University Berlin
Scope of Work: LP 2 – 8, Phase 0 – User Participation
Project Lead: Marlen Kärcher, Martin Janekovic

View the project Sheet Lightning Cafeteria here!