Stage Trees
Neubau, Chemnitz

The architecture of this new covered cabaret with 120 spectator seats complements the idyllic atmosphere of the surrounding Küchwald park: Just as the surrounding trees, the building spreads its roof providing shelter. The wide treetop with its translucent foliage protects the stage from the rain and its acoustics are designed in a way that makes sound amplification virtually unnecessary. The two tree-trunk sized pillars hold the power supply. A tree house was built, serving as a theatre pulpit, and a tree root, erupting from the ground volunteers as a bench in the midst of trees. Artificial hedges mark the borders of the auditorium and support its acoustics. Their reflective surfaces mirror the image of trees and the surrounding park. The playfulness of nature is thus integrated visually into the artificial scenery. Such hedges are also used for screening actors from view when entering or exiting the stage during a show. The changing room is located between the hedges. At the same time shrubs shield the stage area from the railway territory and provide a waiting area on the station platform. Natural hawthorn hedges alternate with artificial hedges, thus creating an artificial-natural ensemble.

Project Management

Dipl.Ing. Susanne Hofmann

die Baupiloten

Hendrik Bohle, Kai Grüne, Stefan Haas


Parkeisenbahn Chemnitz


70.000 EUR brutto

Work Stages

LP 1-9, Partizipation


May 2007


Küchwaldpark 24
09113 Chemnitz


Roland Bartel