Carl-Bolle Primary School
Modernisierung und Ausbau, Berlin

The preferences which pupils had come up with were developed into an espionage story, which served as a basis for designing the inaccessible spacious corridor area. In correspondence to the guiding principle of the special sports school at one of Berlin’s hotspots, Moabit, that is „language and movement“, the area was converted into a leisure zone fostering „explorative learning“. The new architecture with its acoustic and visual spatial phenomena allows children to make serious scientific observations in a playful way. They can make use of high-quality communication, exercising and research spaces to varying degrees. For instance, they can get an idea of how a periscope works, explore the colour spectrum or even invent reflexion codes in order to communicate with other children.

Project Management

Dipl.Ing. Constantin von der Mülbe

die Baupiloten

Lena Fischer, Anna Lafite, Lukas de Pellegrin, Lisa Plücker, Daniel Theiler, Nadia Poor-Rahim


Jahn, Mack & Partner


50.000 EUR brutto/ 241 m²

Work Stages

LP 1-9, Partizipation

Participation Planner

Prof Dr. Klaus Rückert (structural calculations)


Fall  2008


Waldenserstraße 20
10551 Berlin Mitte

Photographer Jan Bitter