Carlo Schmid Primary School
Ausbau, Berlin

In our society, comprehensive schools are often perceived as being a repository for difficult pupils. Carlo Schmid Secondary School in Berlin Spandau, which was founded in 1974, makes an effort in enabling its pupils to achieve the best possible degree, making use of pupils‘ identifying with their school: supported by Die Baupiloten, seventh and eleventh graders came together to take a step-by-step approach towards shaping their everyday environment. For the purpose of making their all too anonymous school building friendlier they thought out a variety of situations for learning bays, which they then built as life-size models: „It’s a good feeling to give something personal which may make everyday life at school even brighter.“ Louisa and Jenia

Initiators Carlo Schmid Secondary School

Schulleiterin: Frau Pobloth
Leiterin der Mittelstufe: Frau Schlag

Project Management

Constantin von der Mülbe

Baupiloten Project Week

Anna-Lena Berger, Geilon Cannarozzi, Elisabeth Söiland, Flora Marchand, Ralph Reisinger, Johannes Maas, Anika Kern, Daniel Fernandez Pascual, Marie-Charlotte Dalin, Maciej Sokolnicki, Annett Fischer, Iris Lacoudre-Nabert

Baupiloten Design

Anna-Lena Berger, Ralph Reisinger, Johannes Maas, Anika Kern


Quartiersmanagement/Stadtteilmanagement Heerstraße




Lutonestraße 15/19
13581 Berlin