Galilei Primary School

Bad acoustics of this building, which was originally built as a part of the International Architecture Exhibition IBA 1984/87 (architect: Gino Valle), was to blame for an increased noise pollution burdening pupils and teachers. In the course of technical modernisation, additional studying zones were redeveloped and installed in order to increase the quality of lingering in the corridors. In addition to a new insulation for walls and ceilings, acoustically active niches can be used by smaller groups for sitting, studying and being comfortable. Pupils had a direct say in designing these niches. Their paintings and bricolage were processed graphically and arranged on the niche walls. Moreover, one learning bay per floor was installed, serving as a common area for working in medium-sized groups. In addition, so-called baffles were developed for the staircases, which are particularly relevant in terms of acoustics, and which are continuously being complemented and reshaped by children

Project Management

Dipl.-Ing Susanne Hofmann, Dipl.-Ing Constantin von der Mülbe

die Baupiloten

Melanie Berkholz, Tanja Freund,Anna Ohlrogge, Robert Tesch, Beatrice Traspedini,Katja Zimmerling (design), Amaia Sánchez Velazlo, Benno Fiehring, Florence Harbach, Gaspard van Parys, Jorge Valiente Oriol, Leif Lobinski, Neli Pavlova, Quentin Nicolai, María García, Clara Rodriguez, Sophie Mundzik (acoustical design), Quentin Nicolai (implementation planning)


Stattbau GmbH


200.000 EUR brutto/ 1150 m²

Work Stages

LP 1-9, Partizipation


December 2008


Friedrichstraße 13
10969 Berlin Kreuzburg

Photographer Jan Bitter