H 100

Despite the burden of austerity measures, universities remain beacons of hope for future generations. In this context, TU Berlin has commissioned the conversion of a 345 sqm area in the foyer of its main building at Straße des 17. Juni into a prestigious multi-purpose lecture hall. This hall is not only meant for university purposes, but also to provide for a broad transfer of knowledge. This hall will equally feature private sector and industry conferences and academic symposia.

Project Management

Dipl.-Ing.Susanne Hofmann BDA, Dipl.-Ing.Constantin von der Mülbe.

die Baupiloten

Christian Behrendt, Manuela Döbelin, Marc Dufour-Feronce, Philippe Defour-Feronce, Oliver Gassner, Marie Harms, Frank Henze, Jens Kärcher, Thomas Marx, Martin Murrenhoff, Robert Niemann, Nori Rhee, Norman Westphal, Anne-Marie Octave


Technische Universität Berlin


Oktober 2003


Hauptgebäude TU Berlin
Straße des 17. Juni 135
10623 Berlin Charlottenburg