Taka Tuka Land Kindergarten

Kindergarten, Conversion and façade renovation, 2005-07

As part of a façade renovation based on pupil’s ideas inspired by Astrid Lindgren’s story “Pippi Longstocking,” a newly designed world emerged from the temporary cabin-type building. Multi-group spaces were created at both ends of the building, which were connected by a picture gallery in the hallway. Both rooms open to the outside: in one, arriving visitors can be observed through the new, large panorama window; while the other connects the interior with the garden. The construction costs could be kept low by recycling some of the building materials, and selectively renewing only the defective parts.

User Participation
In individual workshops, the children painted and crafted pictures, maps, and models of their ideas of Taka Tuka Land with their teachers, who then recorded their explanations. Detailed observations were also made of the children’s daily routine and their play and communication rituals for further insight that could influence the design. The children’s special fascination for Pippi’s mysterious oak, which produces lemonade, eventually led to the story “The Seven Stations of the Lemonade Tree” which reaches through the building, from the “Lemonade Glitter” on the panorama window, along the connecting “Lemonade Gallery” to the textile “Lemonade Drops,” where the cloakroom is located.

Project team

Susanne Hofmann (Project Architect), Christos Stremmenos


Ilja Gendelmann, Niklaus Haller, Ole Hallier, Daniel Hülseweg, Susan Jutrowski, Annika Köster, Anna Meditsch, Christian Necker, Anne Pind, Mirko Wanders, Katrin Zietz, Katja Zimmerling


ASB Kinder- and Jugendhilfe (Since 2007, Orte für Kinder GmbH)

Costs/Gross floor area

115.000 EUR gross/545 m²

Work stage

LPH 1–9, participation


Am Maselakepark 6
13587 Berlin Spandau

Photographer Jan Bitter