House for Urban Garden Lovers, House 13, Siegmunds Hof



Student residence, Conversion and energy efficient renovation, 2009-12

House 13 represents the first construction phase of the master plan for Student Residence Siegmunds Hof. The design was developed through an extensive participation process.

House for Urban Garden Lovers

The town square in front of the “House for Urban Garden Lovers“ serves as a focal point for the complex, and opens up the residence to the rest of the city. “Scholle” seats invite visitors to linger and offer the potential to hold events in the central location. The outdoor living room and the sports court are located at the quiet rear of the building. Large, elongated “boulder” seating and wooden terraces are used by both sun worshippers and sports lovers. Oversized “living room” lamps give the exterior space the perfect ambience for a summer picnic at dusk. The ground floor is connected through the large communal terraces and herb gardens at the rear to the newly designed outdoor spaces, the town square, and the backyard. Here, students can plant and grow vegetables, and provide for themselves.

The kitchens were expanded and redesigned into the “heart” of the community’s everyday life. For better lighting of the kitchen and common areas, the functional existing skylights along the northeast façade were supplemented with large wooden windows, which enable a view of the outdoor living room and the sports court. The single rooms on the ground floor were retained. Consolidated, manageable units with new integrated bathrooms for one to two students are located on the floors above. The different room sizes and types guarantee a good mixture and inclusion of residents.

Project team

Susanne Hofmann, Daniel Hülseweg, Jens Kärcher, Marlen Kärcher*, Martin Mohelnicky*, Nils Ruf, Jannes Wurps and Falko Dutschmann, Laura Holzberg | Stephan Biller (Site Supervision)


Marzahn & Rentzsch (Structural Engineer), Wangelow (Electrical Planning), Jörg Lammers (Environmental Consultant), Planungsteam Energie + Bauen (Building Services), Architektur- und Sachverständigenbüro Stanek (Fire Engineer), Ingenieurbüro Fritsch (Building Physics), Teichmann LandschaftsArchitekten (Landscape Design)


Studentenwerk Berlin

Costs/Gross floor area

3.000.000 EUR gross (House 13 incl. outdoor space and town square)/1.870 m²

Work stage

LPH 1–9, participation, landscape design LPH 1–4


Siegmunds Hof 3
10555 Berlin

Photographer NOSHE