Experimental Wooden Pavillon
Neubau, Berlin

Together with pupils of Montessori Comprehensive School, students of architecture and civil engineering developed a concept for a wooden pavilion as an informal meeting point on the school grounds. Pupils‘ and teachers‘ diverse preferences were elaborated into a spatially sophisticated structure. The design stands out due to its high degree of spatial and constructive complexity, which is supposed to be implemented, however, in a simple and cost-effective way thanks to an intelligent construction principle. The basic idea is to have a load-bearing structure composed of modules, which will generate a spatial carrying structure and at the same time represent the architecture’s constitutive element.

Project Management

Dipl.-Ing. Martin Janekovic

die Baupiloten

(2011) Marta Allona, Maren Böttcher, Jakob Skorlinski, Friederike Bauer, Liang Qiao, Christopher von Mallinckrodt, Daniel Ölschläger, Dania Brächter, Camille Lemeunier, Sarah Tusk, Laure Schaller, Erwin Weil
(2011/12) Annika Becker, Maria Perez Boeneker, Dania Brächter, Sonia N. Medina Cardona, Julia Friesen,  Armin Golshani, Cornelia Halbach, Daniel Ölschläger, Jakob Skorlinski, Erwin Weil, Susanne Schwarzer, Efe Üner


Senatsverwaltung für Bildung, Jugend und Wissenschaft


124.000 Euro brutto

Work Stages

LP 2-9, Partizipation