Schadow Grammar School

Schadow Grammar School in Berlin Zehlendorf will be given an airy textile roof providing weather protection. A cloud gets caught up in the courtyard of the brick tile building by Paul Mebes (1914) where a pergola used to be. It takes on the building’s regular classical details, capturing light, and swings upwards, turning into a shining ocean of waves. Its fabric consist of two layers, which generates chambers  collecting and scattering light and diverting it into the courtyard. It provides the necessary weather protection and its interplay between light and shadow, sky and cloud makes the courtyard appealing at all seasons.

Project Management

Dipl-Ing. Martin Janekovic

die Baupiloten

Sören Hanft, Martin Mohelnicky, Elena Pavlidou-Reisig




September 2005


Beuckestraße 27
14163 Berlin Zehlendorf

Fotograf Jan Bitter