Pavilion Garden Life, House 5/6, Siegmunds Hof

Student residence, Conversion and energy efficient renovation, 2012-14

In the third construction phase at Student Residence Siegmunds Hof, Houses 4/7 and 5/6 are being energetically renovated and modernised. An extensive participatory process forms the basis of their redesign. House 4-7 „The Housing Community, where Hare and Hedgehog say goodnight“

Pavilion Garden Life

The seven three-story pavilions from Siegmunds Hof West, planned by Peter Poelzig, were shaped by the listed exterior space. The landscape architect, Hertha Hammerbacher, allocated each communal space its own terrace with adjoining residential gardens. This concept has been developed and enhanced. The kitchens are given their own access to the terraces and new mirrored elements by the windows reflect the greenery indoors. The new room furnishings in the upper floors also use a similar concept: open shelves with a large wall mirror transform the rear of the rooms which now offer a bright and airy spatial transition from the communal hallway.

Color concept
The façade color scheme was taken from the original. The interior spaces are each defined by the strong colors of the central circulation and bathroom area, which were adopted for five pavilions. Two dark colors—dark blue for Pavilion 4 and black-brown for Pavilion 5—were replaced by light colors, which are continued into the kitchens. The original colors and materials were used for all of the other walls and elements. The original color of the door leaf could no longer be identified and a new one had to be chosen. The rear entrance wall of the individual rooms is painted in a strong, contrasting color. Two cabinets of the otherwise off-white room are also colored this way and their HPL coating, also used on the desk wall, protects against wear and tear.

Project team

Susanne Hofmann, Martin Mohelnicky, Irmtraut Schulze, Susanne Vitt (Site Supervision) and Judith Prossliner, Laura Engelhardt, Zuzana Tabačková


Marzahn & Rentzsch (Structural Engineer), ELT-ING GmbH (Electrical Planning),
Ingenieurbüro Hetebrüg (Building Services), Architektur- und Sachverständigenbüro Stanek (Fire Engineer), Florencia Young (Graphic Design)


Studentenwerk Berlin

Costs/Gross floor area

1.090.000 EUR gross/1.112 m²

Work stage

LPH 1–9, participation


Siegmunds Hof 13 & 13a
10555 Berlin