Student Residence Siegmunds Hof „Eco-Pop“

Siegmunds Hof Hall of Residence, dating back to 1961, is located close to the university, embedded between the river Spree and the Tiergarten park. Based on the findings from the „Moving in together“ participation seminar, Susanne Hofmann Architekten developed both multiform living solutions and ground floor plans and a fantastic ecological landscape, which is true to contemporary conceptions of healthy and environmentally sound coexistence and cohabitation. „Eco-pop“ – ecologically sustainable and energetically sound architecture, which is neither boring nor reserved. The new energy concept not only includes energy-efficent renovation of façades and mechanical services as stipulated by monument conservation provisions, but also an energy-conscious design of outdoor areas. Renewable energy sources become visible and traceable onsite and in  buildings. In addition to the „Eco-pop’s“ energy-supplying items, other components make residents want to experience nature and linger. The lot is divided into a sports area, a garden, an outdoor living room, a town square, a small forest, a meadow and the river bank. „Eco-pop“ combines two seemingly contradictory living ideals: life in a vibrant city and a quiet, relaxing life in the country.

Project Team

Dipl.-Ing.Susanne Hofmann BDA, Dipl.-Arch. Marlen Kärcher (Project management), Dipl.-Ing. Jannes Wurps with Dipl.-Ing. Helmuth Hanle


Studentenwerk Berlin




Siegmunds Hof
10555 Berlin Tiergarten