Siegmunds Hof „Moving in Together“

Students are experts when it comes to student-style living. Die Baupiloten are convinced that a viable vision cannot be accomplished without the users‘ participation. They conduct field research, living experiments, simulation games and surveys, gathering students‘ preferences and dreams in terms of living, which are then mapped and examined with the purpose of developing innovative living constellations eventually. In a two-step participation process the living requirements of a large anonymous user group were analysed. 274 interviews were conducted aiming at finding out what living together with many others could ideally look like. The findings were broken down and categorized to all kinds of desired activities and atmospheric descriptions. Examples of activities would be „I am a stay-at-home kind of person“ or „ I am a workaholic“ and of atmospheric descriptions: „cosiness“ or „weather“. These were elaborated into a tile-laying game with activity and atmosphere cards:

Play your dream of living – Live your dream of playing

1. Get warmed up! 2. Your playing field 3. Basic cards 4. What do you enjoy doing? What have you always wanted to do? 5. What should it be like there? 6. Joker 7. Use the space 8. A final glimpse.

Project Management

Dipl.-Ing.Susanne Hofmann BDA, Dip.-Arch. Marlen Kärcher

die Baupiloten

Khoi Bui, Carolin Ehrig, Marc Fabrés Masip, Paul Hansen, Donat Kirschner, Niklas Kuhlendahl, Johanna Lehrer, Nadine Muhr, Sophie Mundrzik, Viet Dung Nguyen, Agnieszka Przybyszewska, José Ignacio Rejas Fernández, Nils Ruf, Joanna Szczepanska, Agnes Thöni


Studentenwerk Berlin