Teamplayer’s High-Rise, House 12, Siegmunds Hof

Student residence, Conversion and energy efficient renovation

In the fifth construction-phase of the Masterplan for the Student Residence Siegmunds Hof, House 12 with ca. 130 dwellings will be energetically renovated and modernised. An extensive participatory process forms the basis of the redesign.

Teamplayer’s High-Rise

In its central position, the “Team Players’ High-rise“ connects the three- to four-story housing blocks with the pavilions on the other side of the street, and the outdoor living room with the Spree River. On the first floor, the glowing kitchen box appears to levitate above the ground floor, illuminates it, and creates an inviting area out of the previously inhospitable one. Small studios, a bicycle workshop, and a laundry café in the basement open out toward the terraces and benches in the outdoor living room. This creates a new space of interaction between everyday life and leisure.

Project team

Susanne Hofmann, Max Graap, Marlen Kärcher (Project Architect), Anna Kasper, Martin Mohelnicky, Mathias Schneider und Omorinsola Otubusin, Merle Sudbrock

Generalplanung as ARGE with

Biller & Lang Architekten (Site Supervision), Marzahn & Rentzsch (Structural Engineer), ELT-ING GmbH (Electrical Planning), Ingenieurbüro Hetebrüg (Building Services), Architektur- und Sachverständigenbüro Stanek (Fire Engineer)


Studentenwerk Berlin

Costs/Gross floor area

6.300.000 EUR gross/4.500 m²

Work stage

LPH 1–9, participation


Siegmunds Hof 4
10555 Berlin