Traumbaum Day Care Centre

The day care centre, which was built according to a radial floor plan in 1990, was meant to be modernized, brightening up and rendering the dark corridors of the two-storey building more lively. Renovation measures were used by the Baupiloten to give the long and dark corridors on the centre’s ground floor a new face as a common space catering for all groups. Directly upon entrance, visitors are welcomed in all 14 of the children’s languages. Bright and friendly colour design upgrades the corridors; so do light control panels at the ceiling, which, depending on time of day and season, reflect natural light from the atrium into the corridors. By introducing inclined plasterboards an atmosphere of security is created, with glowing textile seats providing a variety of refuges and shelters for children. The ever-changing impressions of light and space stimulate the children’s fantasy and communication beyond language barriers.

Project Management

Dipl.-Ing.Susanne Hofmann, Dipl.Ing.Martin Janekovic

die Baupiloten

Julie Baumann, Jenny Brockmann, Nikolai Erichsen, Franziska Ritter, Daniel Hülseweg, Stefan Kels, Uta Schrameyer


ASB Kinder- und Jugendhilfe gGmbH (now: Orte für Kinder GmbH)


47,000 EUR brutto

Work Stages

LP 1-5, Partizipation


July 2005


Dessauer Straße 27
10963 Berlin

Photographer Jan Bitter