About Us

Baupiloten is a different kind architecture firm. We want to know precisely what the people who use our architecture want, and how they wish to use it. To this end, we have devised a systematic, methodical exploration of how best to involve our users in the design process, because there is nothing more important to us that people taking an active role in shaping the environment in which they live and work. We are an interdisciplinary team covering all service phases of the German Fee Regulations for Architects and Engineers (HOAI), focusing mainly on educational, cultural, and residential buildings as well as in neighborhood development and in preparatory planning phase 0.

Founded by Susanne Hofmann in 2001, die Baupiloten BDA teamed up with the Technical University of Berlin (TU) for a research and study-reform project from 2003 to 2014. Since then, Baupiloten has been a privately run research and architectural firm.

In 2021 the partner office Baupiloten OG was founded by Judith Prossliner and Ricarda Kössl in Innsbruck.

We offer the following range of services:


We are convinced that excellent, sustainable architecture can only succeed if it meets the wishes of the people who use it.

To better learn the needs of our clients or future users, how they aim to utilize or dwell in their new living environment, and to help them develop and concretize those ideas, we have professionalized several formats for participation. These enable us to address target groups in their respective environments and to engage in dialogue in ways that have been practically tested, analytically reflected, and procedurally optimized. The results of these participation processes serve either as the basis for our architectural design or for our clients’ further decisions.

We customize our projects for each building assignment and environment to carefully integrate our work into surrounding urban or rural spaces. The work of Baupiloten is socially committed, experimental and ecologically oriented. For this work, Baupiloten has received numerous awards.


Baupiloten is an interdisciplinary team of architects, designers, and culture experts. Renowned educator Karin Babbe assists users and die Baupiloten in participatory educational projects. We work in small groups or individually on the participation and construction projects, about which we regularly exchange ideas at kick-off meetings and also pass on knowledge and experience gained over many years. This results in a regular exchange of experiences across teams and fruitful, rewarding communication. These are qualities we see as fundamental to successful project execution. This creates a flexible work- and team culture and keeps hierarchies flat. This creates a flexible work- and team culture and keeps hierarchies flat. As a socially engaged, creative firm, we strive for a just, healthy, and sustainably designed living environment that meets our extensive staff’s wants and needs.

We also foster a lively culture of open-debate through varying different formats. The "Aperitivo" is an informal after-work discourse round that often addresses new theoretical or practical issues in the field. We also get together for regular “Baupi-Lunches,” and each year celebrate the founding anniversary of Baupiloten.

In addition to Baupiloten Berlin, there is also Baupiloten Innsbruck, Austria.

As general planners, die Baupiloten act in a joint venture with trusted partners as Hochhauspiloten with ((b+l architekten, Ingenieurbüro Marzahn und Rentzsch und Ingenieurbüro Hetebrüg) or as Stattbaupiloten in association with the redevelopment agency Stattbau, Berlin.